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Arcana Black Mystery Dice Pack

Arcana Black Mystery Dice Pack

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Ah, a weary adventurer. I see you are torn with indecision over which set of rollers to choose from. "Roll the dice" with an Arcana Black Mystery pack and receive a random 7pc dice set from our supply! Open some mystery packs with your party or experience the thrill of unvaulting one yourself, the choice is yours adventurer. 

What makes Arcana Vault mystery packs better than the rest? 

Unlike other dice shops, we don't use mystery packs to get rid of defective dice, extras, or dice sets that aren't selling well. Each Arcana Black Mystery dice pack contains a complete matching set, not a mix match of spare dice. Our mystery pack sets are premium quality and commonly include our top sellers. There is an equal amount of dice sets from our supply distributed through the mystery packs, so we can guarantee you won't get duplicate sets if you order multiple packs. You also have a chance to unvault a rare set that has either not yet been listed or is no longer available!

Each 7pc mystery dice set includes: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d00, 1d12 & 1d20

Please note, the photos featured are examples of just some of the sets that are featured in mystery packs. Metal dice sets are not included in mystery packs.

Why subscribe?

Subscribers receive rare, exclusive sets every month which are unavailable to non-subscribers. Each recurring order is 10% off and includes a free Arcana Vault cloth dice bag. Cancel with ease at any time after your first order. We guarantee to our subscribers that they will never receive a duplicate set at any point, and if by some rare chance they do, we will send a another one free of charge.

Customer Guarantee

While we guarantee you won't get duplicate mystery sets with your order, we cannot guarantee no duplicates for return customers (although we do try our best). If you would like to make sure you receive a unique set(s) with each order, please consider subscribing so we can guarantee you will get a new set every month.


Unvault the Arcana Black Mystery!

Arcana Black Mystery Dice Pack


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