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About the Arcana Vault: The Thief, the Vault, and the “Lord”

Ulrich, Master Thief of the Arcana Vault
Yep… that’s me! 

Ulrich Vaultkeeper, pleased to meet you! 


Yes, I know, practically speaking I am a thief. But don’t let Lord Anthony’s propaganda intimidate you… believe it or not, there is honor among thieves, especially us dwarven ones! 


As a boy I swore an oath to defend the Vault and uphold all it stands for, and that will never change. In criminal exile I continue to serve her glorious purpose: to supply everything brave souls need to adventure without reservation or fear.

Thus, my devotion to the Vault is also a devotion to adventurers: you trust me to get you in, and I trust you to use it’s treasures to defeat evil. There is nothing I love more than the surprise, excitement, and satisfaction of fellow dungeon delvers, and out of 10,000 sales I continue to have a 5 star rating!


A Sepulchure of Magic and Treasure

The Arcana Vault is a guarded, furnished cave containing the accumulated ancestral wealth of the noble Gardeaux family. 


Sealed behind its mechanized, magically enhanced, cold steel door are piles of treasures, scattered throughout a carpet covered cavern, shimmering in the candlelight as far as the eye can see.  


For generations it has grown in gems, gold, weapons, armor, and arcane items. It contains both priceless artifacts as well as the latest luxuries. 


These treasures are locked deep underground, guarded by monsters, and hidden away from curious eyes and needy adventurers. 


Heroes far and wide have used the treasures of the Arcana Vault to traverse the planes, slay dragons, banish demons. It’s everything you need to conquer evil… all while captivating with quality and beauty.

The Legal Despot of the Vault

The current owner of the Vault, Lord Anthony (my former employer… bleh! Just saying his name makes me sick!) His spies and servants go far and wide, spreading lies to anyone who will listen: 


(Picture of you and sasha) 


They say he is a just an regular D&D enthusiast who lives in Pennsylvania, and enjoys chill morning walks with his golden retriever Sasha and a hot cup of coffee.


They say he is some sort of estranged Alchemist, who loves computing technologies like PC gaming and 3D printing. 


And get this: in order to cover for all my successful expeditions, they even say he actually hand fills all online orders!

But all of that is a bunch of orc dung. In reality, he lounges in his fortress castle above the vault, is greedy to the core, and that dog, Sasha? We’ll let’s just say he always set’s out three bowls at supper time… if you know what I mean…

Cerbus of the Vault



Ulrich the Dwarf

What else about me? Honestly, I spent my whole life caring for the Arcana Vault, so a lot of my hobbies involve, well, vault stuff… 


That said… a good conversation over a pint and a smoke always settles my soul. And no matter how late the night goes, I always get up nice and early to read the paper,  getting a head start on any news for the day.  


And though I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, for a little while, when I was younger, I considered becoming an actor! It obviously never happened, but something sounded so special about traveling with a troupe of friends telling tales to excited folks. I dunno… I got a few years left in me, time to stir the hearts of audiences with riveting performances!


But recently I have grown tired of the daily grind, sitting in my booth at the Gooseberry Inn, waiting for adventurers to lead to the Vault, and been longing for some adventure! So I have donned my walking stick and set out on a journey of my own. 


If you want to keep up on my journeys across the cosmos, and be alerted when I lead parties into the vault, click here to hear from me once or twice a full moon. 

Wandering Troubador of the Vault


An Abbreviated History of the Arcana Vault

822 The Gardeaux family settles the land of Calchester. 

1013 Gold discovered in hills, migration of dwarves

1045 Royal charter is granted for the establishment of a local town: Karston.

1096 Dedrich Hillhall (my grandfather) befriends Lord Avery. 

1097 Construction of Arcana Vault begins

1105 The vault door is completed as the main cavern continues to be excavated. 

1109 Ludwig Hillhall (my father) is born. 

1115 Lord Augustine returns from the western crusades, rich with spoils of war. 

1120 Local artisans furnish and decorate the vault. 

1121 Construction of Arcana Vault ends, grandfather named chief vault keeper. 

1164 Lord Avery dies, succeeded by Lord Augustine

1186 “The Grey Mist Plague” strikes Karston. Potions and magic items are taken from the Acana Vault used to aid citizens in their suffering. 

1199 Lord Augustine dies, succeeded by Lady Adalynn. 

1231 Lady Adalynn begins trading gold with neighboring nations, further diversifying the vault. 

1233 Ludwig marries Wilhelmina Stonebreaker. 

1235 Vault expanded with an additional eastern wing. 

1262 Lady Adalynn dies, succeeded by Lord Arthur. 

1268 Lord Arthur opens the Arcana Vault to adventurers on noble quests, reducing prices for the common good. 

1271 Ulrich Hillhall is born. 

1323 Dedrich Hillhall dies… Ludwing Hillhall takes over, and takes the last name “Vaultkeeper”. 

1357 “War of Locusts” reaches Llangollon: treasure of the vault used to arm militias against invading orcs. Lord Arthur and sons dies in battle, succeded by daughter Lady Arabella

1362 After victory, Vault is refurbished, first public tours held of the Arcana Vault. 

1369 Lady Arabella begins curating the vault, donating some items at a further discounted rate. 

1374 Lord Adonis, inspired by his mothers collection and taste, travels from nation to nation. Through sheer charisma he gains favors and accumulates exotic artifacts. 

1386 Lady Arabella dies, succeeded by Lord Adonis.

1398 “The Scorpion Gang” attempts to rob the vault,  sparking a complete overhaul of the Arcana Vault’s security. Traps, secret passageways, and deadly monsters are added to ward off intruders. 

1411 Ludwig Vaultkeeper dies. Ulrich Vaultkeeper succeeds as new chief of the Arcana Vault. 

1482  Lord Adonis limits tours to nobles, who proclaim it “the finest collection in the Forgotten Realms” 

1488 Lord Adonis dies, succeeded by Lord Anthony. 

1489 Lord Anthony restricts access to the Arcana Vault; all tours cease. 

1490 Lord Anthony refuses to equip royal knights tasked with slaying a red dragon for the good of the kingdom. Without magical weapons, all are consumed by flame. 

1492 Following a brutal winter, a great famine scars Karston... Lord Anthony refuses to use potions and magic items to help crops. Hundreds of people, including several children in the orphanage, starve. 

1494 Following protest, Ulrich is fired as master vault keeper and stripped of his family name. He is replaced with elite, wicked mercenaries. 

1496 Items from the vault seemingly begin to disappear… 




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