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Bloodstone Gemstone Dice Set

Bloodstone Gemstone Dice Set

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Our hand crafted heliotrope dice are among our most coveted sets. Carved from the finest bloodstones in the realm, this powerful mineral also known as martyrstone has been known to harness the mystical spirits of the martyrs. The mineral is comprised of green chalcedony with red jasper and brings an enchanted energy to the table that simply cannot be ignored.

According to legend, bloodstone is said to have the power to remove obstacles from one's path.

Bloodstone dice make a wonderful gift for those born in the month of March, the bloodstone being the birthstone of March. Not just for those born in March, but for any D&D enthusiast as it would likely be among their most exquisite sets.

Note: Dice made from gemstone can be fragile, so we recommend that you roll on a dice tray instead of a hard surface to avoid scratching or chipping.


  • Hand-carved dice made with natural Bloodstone stones. C
  • Comes with a metal storage case with foam insert to keep your gemstones safe and secure.
  • Red, green and white hues 
  • Elegant number design engraved and painted in white.
  • Standard 7 piece RPG dice set, standard size, see size details.

Bloodstone Gemstone Dice Size Chart | Arcana Vault


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